Main course

Main Course


Finest Yorkshire Dales beef Locally-reared Topside or Sirloin. Slowly spit roasted with a herb and wholegrain mustard marinade. Works well as a table-carved option, a great “ice breaker” on wedding tables; we serve beef as whole joints to each table with a carving board, knife, apron and chef’s hat for a designated guest to carve.

Yorkshire Dales steak Fillet of finest grass-fed dry aged beef with béarnaise sauce, chunky chips and a light side salad

Abbotside beef, vegetable & Black Sheep Ale stew Our special stew, made slowly over two days, allowing flavours to develop and deepen

Whole roast ox For very large numbers (plated 400+) we can cook a whole beef carcass on a spit. An amazing spectacle, cooked over 24 hours, producing sensational, tender, succulent beef.

Joint of Roast Beef for a wedding

Yorkshire Dales Lamb shank, slowly braised in a rich red wine and rosemary sauce


Duo of Dales lamb Whole leg of lamb and individual shepherds pies, made from eight hour, slow-roast lamb shoulder. Each table receives a presentation board with a whole leg of lamb, chef’s hat, apron and carving set for a designated guest to carve. Each guest also receives a small, individual shepherds pie.

Rump of Dales lamb With a lemon, rosemary and garlic marinade, served with a lamb jus

Lamb shank A slow-braised lamb shank in a rich lamb and redcurrant sauce

Whole Dales hill lamb Studded with garlic and rosemary, and cooked in a red wine and herb marinade. Can also be roasted in a Moroccan fashion, with harissa, cumin, chilli, apricots, mint, coriander and citrus zest, or stuffed with couscous.



Confit duck leg Succulent fall-apart Gressingham duck leg with crispy skin, served with an orange and Cognac sauce

Spit roast chicken Free range or organic; marinated for 24 hours in lemon, thyme, olive oil and garlic, with a golden crisp skin and juicy succulent flesh

Chicken tagine Moroccan chicken with preserved lemons and olives

Whole roasted turkey With crisp golden skin and juicy succulent flesh

Our Finest Pies (individual or sharing)

Chicken, ham & leek pie Sumptuous brined and roasted chicken, local roast ham, and butter-sautéed leeks in a coarse mustard, white wine and cream sauce, topped with flaky puff pastry

Steak & ale pie Quality local beef steak, mushrooms, onions and craft ale, slowly braised before being topped with either puff or shortcrust pastry

Steak, Stout and Forest Mushroom Pie
Seafood paella Mussels, king prawns, sustainably-sourced white fish, and squid


Big pan paella A spectacle in itself; vivid Mediterranean colours and amazing aromas

Either Seafood paella Mussels, king prawns, sustainably-sourced white fish, and squid

or Chicken & chorizo paella


Barbecue Balsamic-marinated flank and skirt steak, butterflied leg of Dales lamb, spatchcocked chicken, farmhouse sausage, corn on the cob, red peppers, and aubergine, with our home-made barbeque sauce, chimichurri sauce and garlic mayo. Big smoky flavours and amazing flavour.




Salmon en croute Fillets of salmon with a cream cheese and herb coating, wrapped inside flaky puff pastry

Fish & chips Succulent cod in a crispy batter, triple fried chips, handmade tartar sauce and mushy peas. Why not have it served in paper bags and newspaper, as a fun and different wedding breakfast?

Baked Mediterranean white fish Sustainably-sourced, seasonal white fish fillet baked in a tomato sauce, with Kalamata olives, capers and basil

Salmon; whole or fillets Slowly poached or steamed, served with Hollandaise sauce


Whole roasted venison haunch Marinated in red wine, thyme and black pepper and slowly spit roasted



Fish and Chips


Stuffed pork loin Succulent rolled pork loin with crispy crackling, stuffed with Bramley apples, sage & onion stuffing, and wholegrain mustard. Can be served as a presentation joint to carve on each table.

Sausage & mash Hammonds Butchers of Bainbridge’s finest handmade Cumberland-type farmhouse sausage, served with buttery wholegrain mustard mash and onion gravy

Hog roast Marinated in cider and cooked slowly for 15-20 hours, served with crispy sea salt crackling. We can source Iron Age pigs and traditional old British breed pigs, as well as the standard farm-reared pigs from our local butcher.