We suggest 4 canapes if preceding a 3-course meal and 6 if replacing a starter


Meat Canapés

Farmhouse sausage Our butcher’s farmhouse sausage, served with two wholegrain mustard dips

Bacon & egg Curls of crispy pancetta with a delicate baked quail egg, sat inside a filo case

Mini beef burgers Handmade canape-sized burgers. Can also be served as a cheese burger, with the option to include a mini beer (30ml beer glass)

Roast beef in Yorkshire pudding Mini Yorkshire pudding with finest rare roast beef and horseradish sauce

Teriyaki beef & lettuce cups Small tender strips of beef with a soy marinade, cucumber, chilli, onion and coriander in gem lettuce cups

Poppadum & curry Small bite-sized poppadum with a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb and tomato curry

Pate toasts Chicken liver pate, Brussels pate or mushroom pate, on melba toasts or crostini


Poultry Canapés

Confit duck leg Shredded duck, plum sauce, lightly pickled carrot, spring onion and radish, served on a spoon

Mini Yorkshire Canape

Fish & Shellfish Canapés

Crayfish cocktail Succulent crayfish tails with horseradish marie rose sauce, chicory and avocado

Morecambe Bay spicy shrimp crostini Morecambe Bay shrimps, potted in spiced butter and served on small hot toasts

Hot smoked mackerel pate Lightly smoked mackerel pate, topped with thin slices of sushi ginger and cranberries

Smoked salmon blini With crème fraiche, lemon, dill and cracked black pepper

Fish & chips Cod goujons and chunky chips, served in mini cones

Crayfish Cocktail Canape

Cheese Canapés

Cheese beignets Deep fried crispy-coated cheese balls with dips; mozzarella & tomato chutney, feta & red onion marmalade, halloumi & sweet chilli jam

Red onion & Yorkshire Wensleydale tarts Moreish warm morsels with sweet, tangy Raydale Preserves Red Onion Marmalade and melted Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese

Cream cheese-stuffed pepperdews Little sweet piquanté pepper cups, filled with cream cheese and wrapped in a basil leaf

Smoked Cheddar cheese & sun-dried tomato tarts Filo pastry tartlets with a subtle locally smoked cheese and sun-dried tomato filling

Cheese Beignet Canape

Vegetarian Canapés

Balsamic tomato tarts Balsamic roast cherry tomatoes, pesto, and a parmesan, chive & black pepper crisp

Basil guacamole in a spicy Mexican pastry cup Basil, avocado, lime, red onion, chilli, tomato and sour cream in a mildly hot Mexican-spiced pastry cup

Bruschetta Sliced ciabatta with cherry tomatoes, red onion, and basil

Antipasti Sun-dried tomatoes, marinated olives, stuffed baby squash, baby artichoke, and stuffed peppers

Roast Tomato Canape